Helping life science and technology companies on their growth path

Do you need help from someone who has done it before?

As a leader of a life science or technology business, you must navigate in a complex business environment, manage opportunities and risks on your path to success.

You may be leading a startup. You have a strong vision, but which strategy will deliver this vision and how do you successfully execute this strategy?

time for change concept for planning, improvement and progress

You may be leading an established organization facing the next major growth step or needing significant changes to drive growth?

How can I help?

Consulting and

Having led life science and technology organizations, I can partner with you to define and execute an effective strategy with clear accountabilities and measurable success metrics.


There are times when you need someone experienced to get the job done. I can take an interim management role in your organization to execute plans or drive the change you need in your organization.


Though Clear Path I support promising businesses with capital investment and active coaching.

Meet Rom Mendel

Experienced executive

I have extensive experience leading companies and functional organizations. Experiences include P&L responsibility, leading successful turnaround projects, accelerating technology pipeline and leading change programs to improve profitability and grow revenues.

Focus on people

I built high performance organizations driven by a culture of role model leadership, team collaboration, development of people and strong focus on the customer.

Life science and technology

I have over 20 years’ experience and proven track racord driving growth in international life science and technology companies.

International network

Most of my career, I have worked in international companies with sales in all major countries. I worked in several countries including US, Israel, Japan, Denmark and Sweden.


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Phone: +46 766 49 84 54